ABOUT WELLOHI

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                                      Brand concept

                                      health-oriented thinking and pharmaceutical standardization

                                      Brand vision

                                      to become a leading brand of nutritional supplements for pregnant mothers, infants, children, and adolescents

                                      Category vision

                                      to build the top brand of DHA brain nutrition

                                      Strictly following the latest global safety regulations on pregnant mothers and infants, Wellohi is specifically designed for Chin...

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                                      Wellohi is a nutrition brand under Guangzhou CNFONU Health Technology Corp., Ltd., specialized in providing nutritional supplements required for the growth and development of pregnant mothers, infants, children, and adolescents.


                                      PRODUCT CENTER

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                                      FACTORY & PARTNERS

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                                      • Own factory
                                      • R&D center
                                      • production line
                                      • production line
                                      • production line
                                      • Mi Shi Yu Ying
                                      • Xiao Fei Xiang
                                      • Ai Ying Shi
                                      • Mu Ying Fang
                                      • Zhong Yi Yun Ying
                                      • Yi Ya
                                      • Ai Ying Dao
                                      • Hao Ma Ma
                                      • Da Shen Lin
                                      • Jian Min Yi Yao
                                      • DSM--the world’s leading supplier of DHA raw materials
                                      • Danisco--the world’s leading supplier of probiotics raw materials
                                      • Sirio -- the leading brand supplier in dietary nutritional supplements industry
                                      • Saijian-- the leading brand supplier in dietary nutritional supplements industry
                                      • AGI -- a world-famous packaging material supplier

                                      NUTRITION & TECHNOLOGY

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                                      address:Add.: 25/F, Dabiao International Center, No. 238, Changgang Road M., Haizhu District, Guangzhou

                                      Anti-corruption email:[email protected]

                                      Cooperative consultation:020-66609668


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